Conquerors through Christ Training Camp

Preparing Preachers to Preach on Pornography

Conquerors through Christ Chairman Mike Novotny has prepared a short (5-hour) video and discussion based course to equip pastors for preaching both law and gospel as it applies to pornography.  The training camp is intended for small groups of pastors (circuits, larger staffs) to view and discuss.

Pastor Novotny explains the critical need for specific preaching in today’s culture and shares ideas for overcoming the awkwardness and the temptation to be vague. Using a strategy of Verbalize, Normalize, Demonize, Evangelize, Strategize, Pastor Novotny provides practical tools that will help shepherds equip their sheep to conquer through Christ. We pray this training camp will lead to many victories over Satan through the power of God’s Word and the body of Christ, his church.

Below are links to download both the training camp manual and accompanying videos, either as one large file or as individual videos.


Start with Why?

If we don’t preach about pornography, then we won’t start a discussion and they will continue to struggle.

Download – Start with Why


PG-13 Proverbs

Verbalize: We talk about pornography because we’re not worried about what happens if we do, but what happens if we don’t.

Download PG-13 Proverbs

Why Preach?

Verbalize: Is the pulpit the best place to talk about pornography? Would it be better at one-on-one or in a small group? It’s easier to say “me too” than for them to bring up pornography out the blue.

Download Why Preach

My First Porn

Verbalize: A child will view his first graphic pornography between 9 and 11 years old. Our children NEED us to say something and guide them.

Download My First Porn

0 for 70

Verbalize: Sermons, from CtC allies, that used the word Pornography. Specificity is necessary to let people struggling with pornography know they have God’s grace and love.

Download 0 for 70


I’m Not Normal

Normalize: Not to justify it, but to let those struggling with pornography know church is a safe place to confess.

Download I’m Not Normal

Audrey’s Story

Normalize: Use all-inclusive pronouns. The struggle is applicable to everyone – young, old, male, female – everyone!

Download Audrey’s Story

Safety First

Normalize: Let people see your heart, compassion, desire to help, and let them know they are not alone.

Download Safety First


The Naked Truth

Demonize: “I never thought porn was that bad” – we need to help people hear WHY our loving Father is against pornography.

Download The Naked Truth

The Demonically Trained Brain

Demonize: Porn wants to rip your brain out of your head an stamp it on the ground. Your brain gets used to the dopamine released, and then you have to get more and more graphic to get the same release.

Download The Demonically Trained Brain

Reframing Porn

Demonize: “I have to remember the rest of the story” – Remember that every time we click, something good dies. Porn is evil. Porn kills.

Download Reframing Porn

Recycling & Porn

Demonize: Don’t assume people will believe us and understand when we say “Porn is bad.” We have to tell them why.

Download Recycling & Porn



Evangelize: Apply Gospel specifically to sexual sinners and porn users. Everyone needs the news that God loves them.

Download VNDS vs. VNDES

Thank God for Genealogies!

Evangelize: The Bible is FULL of sexual sinners. It’s a short jump to say that we are also saved, just like so many of those in the Bible. Jesus died and rose again to make us pure.

Download Thank God for Genealogies!

The List

Evangelize: What will teach you to say “No” to pornography? The grace of God. So preach grace.

Download The List


Satan’s Strategies

Strategize: Satan has a plan to drag you back into that pit of shame and addiction, so you also need to have a strategy. To put on the armor of God.

Download Satan’s Strategies

I’ll Get Better When…

Strategize: Overcoming sin is not as simple as flipping a light switch. “…the one who confesses his sin will find mercy”. So tell someone. Get accountable. THAT is God’s strategy.

Download I’ll Get Better When…

Move-in Ready?

Strategize: It’s important to push the demonic spirit of porn out of their life, but it’s also important to fill your heart with God’s Word and the Holy Spirit. So when the evil spirit comes back, he finds there is no room.

Download Move-in Ready?

Strategies for Shepherds

Strategize: Let us help you with our resources and further equip you to equip your people in their struggle to reject pornography and embrace God’s design for sex..

Download Strategies for Shepherds

Conclusion: VNDES!

One Last Thing

You did it! Thank you. Now what?

Download One Last Thing