3 Tips to Keep Parents from panicking about their child seeing porn

Parent Tip 3: Know the Stats

Acknowledge the statistics and act accordingly. Your child will most likely be exposed to pornography for the first time between ages 5-7. The same is true of your child’s friends. Don’t pretend that this doesn’t apply to your family – instead, pray about it today. Think about how you will react so that, in the aftermath of that exposure, your child’s brief experience with unhealthy sexuality is eclipsed by their knowledge of healthy sexuality.

Remember, God is more than capable of helping sexual sinners reject, resist, and recover from sexual sin. He has conquered all sin – and with his help, we can experience that same victory.

3 Tips to Keep Parents from panicking about their child seeing porn

Parent Tip 2: Teachable Moments

Think ahead about teachable moments. Pay attention to other parents as they talk about situations in which they find their children. Carefully consider how you can act, with gentleness and gravity, humility and authority, and law and gospel, when your kids find themselves in similar situations.

3 Tips to Keep Parents from panicking about their child seeing porn

Parent Tip 1: Teach them what healthy relationships look like

Teach them what healthy relationships look like. Use Bible stories to teach concepts like commitment, selflessness, gentleness, and respect – all of which fly in the face of pornography’s agenda. Show your children, through your marriage, through wholesome entertainment choices, and by injecting these ideas into their imaginations (when playing house or telling stories) that loving, healthy families exhibit these kinds of traits. Make the kind of relationships porn encourages foreign and obscene.

The Bunny Has Become the Canary

minerIf you worked in a mine and hated the sound of birds chirping, you may have felt a momentary happiness when the infernal tweeting stopped. This happiness vanished, though, when you realized that the canary had stopped because it was dead, and it was dead because toxic gas was leaking into the mine shaft.

The canary’s death was a warning of increasing danger.

Playboy’s recent decision to quit publishing nude photos might give those who appreciate the damaging effects of porn reason to rejoice, at least at first. CtC Chairman Mike Novotny would disagree – explaining why in a recent email to the CtC team:

Playboy is closing its doors…I mean, pages. Well, kind of. Did you all hear the news? Playboy magazine recently announced that it will stop publishing pictures of (completely) naked women.

Good news, right? Wrong.

Playboy spokesmen explained that the reason for the decisions was because of internet porn. In essence, they admitted, “You can get whatever sexual perversion you want for free online, so we can’t keep this old magazine thing going anymore.”

And just when you thought the news was good for God’s people…

Friends, maybe this is just a reminder of the importance of our work. We live in a digital age where the most notable name in sexual impurity, Playboy, is surrendering to the onslaught of free porn. Therefore, what we are doing in equipping parents for “the talks” (plural!), shipping brochures to pastors, presenting to hundreds of high schoolers, connecting with teachers, creating CtC’s mobile version, and everything else on our to-do list matters.

It matters because we are facing an enemy a billion times bigger than the magazine a 12 year-old used to find in dad’s bottom drawer. It matters because we are sharing a Savior whose broom is always bigger than the mess porn makes.

So, let’s finish 2015 strong and remember why we do what we do. Bodies and souls are at stake!

A fellow conqueror,
Digital Pimps

Digital Pimps

Internet porn is an industry. It isn’t passion or reality. It isn’t art or creativity.

It is industry, and it is money. Money which does not go primarily to the “actors” or “actresses,” but instead goes to the gatekeepers – the producers and (mostly) the distributors.

To prove this, just consider the top pornographic site in the world. It has been in business for 16 years, boasts 25 million page views per day (to put that in perspective, has been around for 21 years but only receives 16 million page views per day,) and is worth a whopping $54.8 million ( is worth $36 million.) This site does not pay royalties for the videos that get played, so the revenue goes to site maintenance and to those who work on it.

When you watch porn online, you aren’t just helping the less-than-admirable version of yourself. You’re helping the digital pimps.

The digital pimps need help, though. They’re being less-than-admirable versions of themselves, too.

And just like the only thing that’s going to relieve your conscience after you realize what you’ve done by using the porn is Jesus, who loves you still despite your secrets, Jesus is the only thing that will help them.

If you’re looking for something to fill the time you would have spent helping the digital pimps financially, maybe you should think about the ways you can help the digital pimps spiritually. Somebody’s got to do it. Maybe you and Jesus are the team for the job.

-Pastor Kent Reeder