Real Live People!

  • Know thyself.  What situations and places trigger lustful thoughts?  Nightclubs?  Bars?  Beaches?  Vegas?  Whatever leads you into temptation, flee from it!
  • Ask God to give you the strength to “bounce your eyes”, that is, to look away once your eyes have noticed an attractive person.  Consider Job’s words, “I made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustfully at a woman.”

Magazines and Catalogues

  • Unsubscribe to any and all magazines that trigger you to lust and masturbation.  This will certainly include titles like Playboy and Penthouse, definitely include titles like Maxim and FHM, and probably include most magazines whose pages are filled with sexy stars in revealing gowns, advertisements for sex videos (such as Men’s Health), and most fitness magazines.
  • Sports Illustrated is notorious for its swimsuit issue.  Fortunately, you can call/write the company and they will cancel that issue for delivery.  Unfortunately, the advertisements for the swimsuit issue are used for weeks before and after the issue itself comes out.  Consider cancelling this subscription as well.
  • Cancel any suggestive catalogs, such as Victoria Secret.

Tablets and Phones

  • Consider a filtering software for mobile devices (see here for list of options).
  • Refuse to believe the lie that you “need” this device.  Ten years ago you were happy without it.  You can be happy without it today and even happier if it meant escaping sexually addiction.


  • No matter how interesting the plot, don’t watch movies that you know have sexually suggestive content.
  • Today, before finishing this web page, get rid of all pornographic movies in your home or apartment, even those that aren’t officially considered “porn” by most of the world.
  • Take note of the rating and the “warning tags” at the beginning of each movie.  If “sexually explicit themes” or “nudity” are mentioned, don’t watch the movie.  You may have wasted $1.27 on an unwatched Redbox movie, but you will have won a crucial battle for purity.
  • Share with your accountability partner (see Step 4) your viewing habits for the past week or month.  Acknowledge any temptations and commit to avoiding those types of movies in the future.


  • Avoid certain channels that have sexually suggestive programming.
  • Cancel your cable subscription.  Without Sportscenter, you might actually have time to read your Bible each night!
  • Get rid of your television altogether.  Jesus didn’t have one and he turned out to be a pretty good guy.
  • Only watch T.V. with others who know of your struggles and will help you avoid suggestive programming.


  • Set your email filter on a very high level to filter out most spam emails.
  • Speak to any “friends” who are emailing you porn and tell them what you learned in step 1 (Porn hurts). Insist that they never send anything like that to you again if they value your friendship.


  • Install a filtering software to make porn hard to access (see list of some options here).
  • If you live with others, have them install a password so you can only use the computer with their access.
  • Put your computer in a public place so you are less tempted to sin.
  • Never erase your internet history. Tell a loved one to check your history often and keep you accountable for anything suspicious (or for an “erased” history).
  • Cancel the internet in your home, if necessary.