Book: Rainbow Savior
Author: Reverend William Monday
Review Date: September, 2014

Over the past decade in ministry, Pastor Bill Monday has encountered many Christian people struggling with how to rightly address the issue of homosexuality. Out of love for his members and Christians beyond his congregation, Pastor Monday has set out to address this issue systematically in Rainbow Savior with a pastoral heart from a first person perspective. His first audience in the opening half of the work is a Christian struggling with this issue. His second audience in the latter part of the book is a congregation distressed by this divisive issue because of our society at large. Throughout Rainbow Savior, Pastor Monday effectively utilizes his education in the Holy Scriptures to speak the truth in love. At the same time, he provides words for Christians to speak on the subject. Holding a Master of Divinity degree in biblical studies, Pastor Bill Monday is well equipped for the task at hand which becomes evident from the very first chapter. He served full time for ten years in ministry at Faith Lutheran in Excelsior, Minnesota out of love for his Savior and alongside his wonderful wife and four children. He simply seeks to be of much good to precious souls both inside and outside the Church. Published 2014. Accompanying resources at