A Gracious Friend

Hopefully, you have at least one friend who truly cares about you and wants what is best for you.  While he (or she) may not know about this part of your life, he does love you enough to pray for you each day.  Perhaps this is someone you see at a softball league or around church or a close colleague at your job.

As you choose this friend, look for three qualities:  (1) Gracious.  The power for Christian living comes from grace, not the law (God’s do’s and don’ts).  Make sure your friend understands this dynamic and that guilt-trips are not God’s chosen tool for motivating a changed life.  (2) Trustworthy.  Does this friend have a reputation for talking about others when they’re not around?  Then, beware.  If, however, he respects the reputations of his friends, you are one step closer.  (3)  Same sex.  It is extremely unwise to choose a female accountability partner if you are a male struggling with sexual addiction.  The Devil will work his pointed tail off to use that vulnerability to create moments of temptation.  Therefore, choose someone of your same sex.

We know.  We know.  Admitting this to a close friend is also a petrifying thought.  But if our experience is any indicator, then your confession of this sin will most likely be met with, “Really?  Me, too.”