Digital Pimps

Digital Pimps

Internet porn is an industry. It isn’t passion or reality. It isn’t art or creativity.

It is industry, and it is money. Money which does not go primarily to the “actors” or “actresses,” but instead goes to the gatekeepers – the producers and (mostly) the distributors.

To prove this, just consider the top pornographic site in the world. It has been in business for 16 years, boasts 25 million page views per day (to put that in perspective, has been around for 21 years but only receives 16 million page views per day,) and is worth a whopping $54.8 million ( is worth $36 million.) This site does not pay royalties for the videos that get played, so the revenue goes to site maintenance and to those who work on it.

When you watch porn online, you aren’t just helping the less-than-admirable version of yourself. You’re helping the digital pimps.

The digital pimps need help, though. They’re being less-than-admirable versions of themselves, too.

And just like the only thing that’s going to relieve your conscience after you realize what you’ve done by using the porn is Jesus, who loves you still despite your secrets, Jesus is the only thing that will help them.

If you’re looking for something to fill the time you would have spent helping the digital pimps financially, maybe you should think about the ways you can help the digital pimps spiritually. Somebody’s got to do it. Maybe you and Jesus are the team for the job.

-Pastor Kent Reeder