Who is Conquerors Through Christ?

The men and women of the Conquerors Through Christ team are members of a subcommittee of the Committee on Mental Health Needs under the Commission on Special Ministries, Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS). We have pastors, staff ministers, and laypeople serving on the subcommittee. We are pursuing this fight against internet pornography because we have seen the devastation it wreaks on the families and individuals in our churches and realize the danger to souls. We want to equip as many as possible to fight this battle with the proper motivation and preparation.

Mission statement, policies and disclaimers

Conquerors Through Christ exists to give spiritual and practical advice to Christians struggling to overcome adult internet pornography.

  • We are not trained mental health professionals and urge anyone seeking to conquer this sin also to seek professional Christian counseling.
  • The advice we give on this web site is intended for teens and adults caught in an addictive cycle of viewing adult pornography.
  • Though much of the spiritual advice contained herein may apply, we are not equipped to and cannot advise those struggling with child pornography or depictions of other forms of deviancy forbidden by God.  Because of potentially grave legal, mental health, and spiritual consequences, we urge anyone involved in the viewing of these materials to immediately seek professional counseling help.

Issues for pastors, teachers, and staff ministers in the WELS

The problem of pornography is widespread in our society, and both members and called workers in our church are certainly not immune. When called workers are caught in this sin, we desire to help them overcome and conquer this sin, first for their own good, but also so that they can effectively minister, where possible, to God’s people. We strongly urge any pastors, teachers, staff ministers, and other church leaders to immediately contact a qualified counselor to begin the process of overcoming this addiction.

Because of the spiritual leadership role of called workers, there are additional specific factors and potential consequences that must be considered. Each case has its own unique characteristics, so we cannot give advice on other steps other than this. We encourage you to follow any procedures established in your district for dealing with called workers struggling with this sin. Your ministry may or may not be able to continue in its present form, but be assured that Jesus has a role for you going forward. Any short term struggles associated with a loss of ministry, if that is necessary, will be far outweighed by the encouragement you desperately need from others to get on and stay on the road to recovery.