Pastor Mike at Men of His Word

The Men of His Word Conference in Oshkosh, WI has a special place in the history of Conquerors through Christ. Years ago, Pastor Mike Novotny first spoke about fighting against pornography with the power of the gospel, which led to the conversations that later formed the CtC team.

This year, Pastor Mike was blessed with another chance to share the good news at another Men of His Word conference. Approximately 75 men, young and old, attended this breakout session, entitled “Pornolatry.” Mike sought to expose the lies of pornography as it attempts to take God’s place (thus, the title of porn as idolatry). Then, he took God’s sons to the gospel for all the pleasure, power, excitement, and comfort that a Christian man craves.
Pastor Mike reflected, “God really blessed the session. There was both a buzz of excitement and a sense of transparency in the room. One young man admitted to me after the presentation, ‘I thought there would only be two or three guys in there, but it was packed. Then I thought no one would talk, but everyone did!'”
“One of our core values at CtC,” Mike added, “is ‘Safety First.’ It’s our way of stressing the importance of creating safe environments to talk about the wreckage of porn and the grace of God. It made my day to hear that young man pointing out how comfortable people were to talk about this touchy subject.”
Post-session comments from various participants proved that God’s hand was blessing this time in his Word. “I got a lot of great examples and practices to help with sexual impurity, Highly recommended…Scripture is best to fight porn. Best Presentation! Helps me fight the urge…Very fresh way of addressing serious topic, very impactful…Heard good things about this, exceeded expectations…My two sons related to Pastor Novotny the most…Made uncomfortable topic comfortable…Shared forgiveness wonderfully!”
In addition to the presentation, Pastor Mike and CtC member Dan Schoeffel were able to meet and encourage hundreds of men at the CtC booth. Men from past conferences stopped by and shared the blessings CtC has been in their fight for purity. Representatives from the WELS jail ministry shared how they have been using CtC resources behind bars. Plenty of others learned about CtC for the first time, checking out the soon-to-be-launched CtC website or picking up a list of ways for their churches to use CtC resources.
Conquerors through Christ would like to thank all the organizers at Men of His Word for the chance to help so many people reject, resist, and repair those who have been hurt by the wreckage of porn.