Your Pastor

We know.  We know.  Admitting the darkest, most depraved part of your life to a “man of cloth” is a petrifying thought.  But don’t be deceived by the stereotype.  A good Christian pastor will not be surprised by your sin (after all, he believes in the presence of the sinful nature in himself and all of his people) and he will be well equipped to help you get back to God’s grace (see Step 2).  Trust us, your pastor has heard more stories of addiction and sexual sin than he can count and he would love to be able to encourage you, forgive you in Jesus’ name, and equip you with a personal plan to live a life of purity.  He will not shame you or make you sit in the guilt of your confession.  Rather, he will lead you back to the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus where you will find stunning forgiveness and power for your spiritual journey.

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