The Samaritan Woman

As explained in the video “Get Back to God’s Grace,” the Samaritans were a sinful bunch. In Jesus’ day, to call someone a “Samaritan” was on par with calling them “demon-possessed.” So, when Jesus traveled through Samaria, we would expect him to keep his distance. But he didn’t. He walked right into the heart of Samaria, right to a well where he knew an ostracized Samaritan woman would be (imagine how sinful she must have been to not fit in with the Samaritans!). There, he spoke of a “living water” that he could give her, a water that would satisfy her in a way the revolving door to her bedroom never could. Shocked and sanctified, the woman ran to tell her Samaritan neighbors of the One who told her what no one else ever did. She was loved and forgiven by God.
If you are looking for love, worth, acceptance, forgiveness, and satisfaction for your soul, look no further than Jesus. Jesus came into this world because God loved us so much. Jesus gives us incalculable worth by making us part of God’s family and heirs of all his spiritual blessings. Jesus’ forgiveness makes us acceptable to God – no, more than that – it makes God’s face shine on us whenever he looks our way. Jesus satisfies our souls!