Ways To Get Your Church/School Connected To CtC


  • Text CTC to 42828 to sign up for our Newsletter.
  • Pass out CtC cards after church to all worshipers.
  • Use the CtC Bible Study at your church.
  • Have CtC brochures in your resource center.
  • Share CtC posts on your church’s facebook page.
  • Preach a porn-focused sermon series, using CtC’s graphics, outlines, etc. for help, if so desired.
  • Share the Plea for Pastors video with your pastor (if you’re hearing about CtC at a conference).
  • Promote CtC/help for sexual sinners in your church in your church bulletin.
  • Use the CtC catechism curriculum.
  • Show your church leaders/council the CtC website at your next meeting.
  • Pray for CtC or the values we promote during the prayer of the church.


  • Encourage parents (& students) to text CTC to 42828 to sign up for our newsletter.
  • Pass out CtC cards to all parents and older students.
  • Have CtC brochures in your school office/resource center.
  • Share the Plea to Teachers video with your faculty.
  • Share CtC’s information in your school newsletters.
  • Share CtC posts related to parenting/ kids on your school’s social media.
  • Consider the CtC catechism curriculum.