Book: Rainbow Savior
Author: Reverend William Monday

Reviewer: P. Boehringer
Review Date: March, 2017

Rainbow Savior (RS), by Rev. Monday, is an extremely helpful book for the Christian community and the homosexual.  A Christian can use this as a reliable guide through the minefields of the homosexual debate.  RS addresses the struggling homosexual in Part I with a call to return back to Christ, the loving and forgiving God.   Part II speaks to the Christian congregation as they face the issues surrounding homosexuality.

In Part I, Rev. Monday expresses a deep regard for the homosexual.  With great patience he takes the reader through a step-by-step understanding of the Christian faith.  This section would, also, be useful to the friend of a homosexual, who needs help in explaining the faith.  Actually any Christian could use Part I as a refresher course in Christianity and as a study in order to “be ready to give the reason for the hope that you have.”  (IPeter 3:15 NIV)

Part II addresses the role of the Church and the individual Christian in understanding and confronting homosexuality.  In light of God’s Word, Rev. Monday answers the worlds’ arguments in an organized and systematic progression.  He stresses the need for all, from pastors to parents, to be faithful to the Word of God.  He reminds us that our first and most important message is “our hope in Christ to deliver us from all sin.”..He continues, “This is always the issue and the only issue with the nonbeliever.  Once faith is won over in the heart, all the issues will fall into place by God’s grace.” P.176

I appreciated the in-depth approach which Rev. Monday used.  The author certainly shows great patience and deep regard for those caught in the chains of homosexuality.  And he boldly encourages the Church to do the same in preserving the truths of God’s Word.

Particularly helpful was his strong encouragement to be knowledgeable and lovingly patient.  He reminds us that RS was designed to be used as a flexible guide, not a book of directives.  Also, he urges pastors and parents not to be afraid to discuss homosexuality in order to uphold God’s will and prevent misconceptions.

My only concern comes in the chapter titled, “Sweet Land of Liberty” where the author uses words from the Declaration of Independence with the Word’s of God.  I believe the mixing of terminologies could lead to confusion of the church’s true message in Christ and should be read with care.

I would advise any Christian, from teens to adults, to read this book.  Rev. Monday’s approach covers this issue thoroughly.