Shelter From The Storm

A Shelter from the Storm

Life in this world can be difficult. We find the world cold and cruel as we see the love of most grow even colder. Like never before, the world needs noble men, with noble plans, pursuing noble deeds. Isaiah 32 speaks of these needs and calls on men to step up and be a shelter in this world. God calls us to be Men of His Word, sharing the Shelter from the storms of life. Join us at the Men of His Word Conference in Rochester, MN on November 7, 2015 as we discover God’s noble plans for men today with the conference theme: A Shelter from the Storm.

CtC’s Dan Schoeffel will be there presenting “Conquer Porn with Christ!”

This presentation will establish the very real and growing problem that pornography poses to God’s people regardless of age or gender. For those tempted by or caught in pornography’s trap, the presentation will stress the need to admit and confess that one has a problem with porn and needs help to conquer it. Most importantly, the presentation will point to the only power that can win the battle against porn temptations—the cross of Christ—pointing to the grace of God and the forgiveness that he freely offers to all. Bottom line: the power of the cross is the only thing that can guarantee victory. Let’s conquer porn with Christ!

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