A Former User

I was addicted to pornography for more than a decade of my life. During those long years, I would count the number of days I had gone without indulging…and rarely needed a second hand to reach the number. I went to church every week, prayed every day, confessed every time, and memorized Scriptures to cure my addiction. However, nothing changed. Looking back, I realize that God’s Word did help me to continue to repent and find my hope in Jesus’ forgiveness. I also realize that God was trying to cure me by surrounding me with others who could help. The help was right there, a phone call or email away, but I thought I could beat this on my own. When I finally stopped making excuses about the cost and inconvenience of seeing a counselor, I picked up the phone and scheduled my first visit. That was the last day of my addiction. I counted the days since I fell into temptation, then the weeks, then the months, and now years have passed. These days, I can barely believe how far the Holy Spirit has taken me and the strength I have to battle impurity. I am literally a different man and it is all by the grace of God.