A Counselor

We know.  We know.  Counselors are for “other people”, people with “real” problems.  However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Trained counselors are one of God’s many gifts to the church.  They have often been given special insights and talents from God to help confused, struggling, and addicted people.  While many people shy away from counselors for various reasons (the stigma, the distance, the cost, etc.), many addicts have found a counselor a key to recovery.

In addition, many people struggle with pornography due to greater issues from their past.  Sexual trauma, molestation, rape, abuse, a strict home, and an intimacy-less marriage often fuel sexual struggles.  A counselor will be able to work through those issues with the wisdom of God’s Word and rebuild a healthy foundation of sexuality according to God’s design.

So, where do you go?  Check out our list of professional, Christian, experienced and qualified counselors.  Thankfully, many of these men and women can use secure interactive video to counsel from a distance via the internet (how about that for using Satan’s tool against him?).

Concerned about cost?  While counseling is not a “value-menu” item, it is a worthy investment.  Just imagine—would you be willing to trade the last few years of your addiction-filled life for a few hundred dollars?  We thought so.  Now invest a few hundred to change the next years of your life!  (Some churches can get discounted rates with local counselors.  Don’t be afraid to ask your pastor.)