1: Your Soul Could Get Used To Me

If you are repentant (that is, you feel sorrow for this evil and believe Jesus forgives it) for your sexual sin today, thank God.  It is true that God is infinitely merciful and he will forgive a lifetime of porn that, because that lifetime of sin was nailed to the cross of Jesus.  But will you be repentant tomorrow for the sins of today?  The Apostle Paul warned the Christians at Ephesus, a city filled with porn, about the domino effect of “hardening your hearts” to sexual sin.  Once you get used to porn and aren’t “real about the wreckage”, you won’t confess it as quickly or sorrowfully.  Soon, your thinking about porn will change and you might justify it by saying, “My wife isn’t interested,” or “I just need a quick release.”  Before you realize it, you will lose “all sensitivity” to this sin, as Paul warns.  If you live in this sin with no remorse or regret, you could lose your soul.  Of course, porn never told you that.