Help others Conquer through Christ

Satan continues to steal souls and drive people to the depths of shame using the false promises of pleasure through pornography.  You can help fight against his lies with the love of Christ.

Give a gift to CtC

The following link will take you to the “Donate to Special Ministries” page on the web site of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS), our parent organization.

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How we will use your gift?

Gifts to CtC keep both ongoing ministry strong and allow us to tackle new projects.  Our ongoing ministry includes reviewing and publicizing helpful books and articles, keeping the website current, making presentations to schools, men’s groups, conferences, etc., and other activities.

New projects that your generous gifts will help us complete include:

  • Four high school curriculum modules (one for each grade level) for use by religion teachers and others equip students for this battle that they already find themselves in.
  • A middle school curriculum module that could be used on it own or incorporated into a religion or catechism class.

We also have plans to produce other modules in the near future so that we cover all grade levels from preschool through college.

Thank you for your help in fighting this battle.

The Conquerors Through Christ team