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Am I Really Addicted?

Even one lingering view is sin, of course, and sin needs to be confronted regardless.  Addiction is defined various ways, but for our purposes, if the answer to any of the following questions is yes, you likely have a serious problem with this sin: Have you told yourself numerous times, “This is the last time […]


Is fantasizing sin?

If you mean fantasizing (dreaming) about engaging in sex with someone you’re not married to, then those thoughts would dishonor marriage and God (Hebrews 13:4). This is not who God made you to be. God calls all people to believe in his Son as their Savior. When the Holy Spirit creates that saving faith in […]


What do I do if I’m single and have no godly option for my sexual urges?

You may be surprised to know that sex within marriage doesn’t cure pornography addiction.  Those who entered marriage with a porn problem soon find that they still have a porn problem!  Therefore, don’t allow the Devil to deceive into thinking this will fix itself if you get married.  The time to act is now both […]


Ok – so maybe I am addicted. Now what do I do?

Pray. Tell God about what you have been doing. It shouldn’t be all that hard, after all, He already knows. He’s just waiting for you to come to him so he can tell you that he he loves you and has forgiven you. Watch our videos and explore the web site— they summarize the steps […]


Pornography Use: Sin or Disease? Sin or Addiction?

The distinction regarding pornography use – is it a sin or an addiction? …and if it is an addiction, is it a disease like appendicitis that we have no control over? – has been argued about for some time.  The same arguement exists regarding alcohol use. Pastor James Berger in John Cook’s book, Conquerors Through […]


What’s up with your logo?

We’ve had many people inquire about our logo.  It’s rich in symbolism and we’d like people to understand the message we’re trying to convey.  Here’s what the various elements are intended to communicate: The cross is featured prominently to signify the essential nature of Christ’s sacrificial death in our place, which not only washes us […]


The Bunny Has Become the Canary

If you worked in a mine and hated the sound of birds chirping, you may have felt a momentary happiness when the infernal tweeting stopped. This happiness vanished, though, when you realized that the canary had stopped because it was dead, and it was dead because toxic gas was leaking into the mine shaft. The […]


Digital Pimps

Internet porn is an industry. It isn’t passion or reality. It isn’t art or creativity. It is industry, and it is money. Money which does not go primarily to the “actors” or “actresses,” but instead goes to the gatekeepers – the producers and (mostly) the distributors. To prove this, just consider the top pornographic site […]


Should my wife be my accountability partner?

by Luke Gilkerson This article makes a case both for and against having one’s wife be one’s accountability partner. We at Conquerors through Christ lean more against having one’s spouse be one’s accountability partner for all the reasons stated in the “against” section of the article and then some. Whether the wife or the husband […]