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Parent Tip 3: Know the Stats

Acknowledge the statistics and act accordingly. Your child will most likely be exposed to pornography for the first time between ages 5-7. The same is true of your child’s friends. Don’t pretend that this doesn’t apply to your family – instead, pray about it today. Think about how you will react so that, in the […]


Parent Tip 2: Teachable Moments

Think ahead about teachable moments. Pay attention to other parents as they talk about situations in which they find their children. Carefully consider how you can act, with gentleness and gravity, humility and authority, and law and gospel, when your kids find themselves in similar situations.


Parent Tip 1: Teach them what healthy relationships look like

Teach them what healthy relationships look like. Use Bible stories to teach concepts like commitment, selflessness, gentleness, and respect – all of which fly in the face of pornography’s agenda. Show your children, through your marriage, through wholesome entertainment choices, and by injecting these ideas into their imaginations (when playing house or telling stories) that […]


The Bunny Has Become the Canary

If you worked in a mine and hated the sound of birds chirping, you may have felt a momentary happiness when the infernal tweeting stopped. This happiness vanished, though, when you realized that the canary had stopped because it was dead, and it was dead because toxic gas was leaking into the mine shaft. The […]


Digital Pimps

Internet porn is an industry. It isn’t passion or reality. It isn’t art or creativity. It is industry, and it is money. Money which does not go primarily to the “actors” or “actresses,” but instead goes to the gatekeepers – the producers and (mostly) the distributors. To prove this, just consider the top pornographic site […]