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A Pastor Reflects on Porn and Church Leadership

by Luke Gilkerson In this article the author makes some good points about how we should handle church leadership when porn addiction is involved. Like regularly educating the entire congregation of the challenges that leaders face in a sex-crazed world. Like reminding them that “Those who aren’t struggling with sexual addiction need to understand it […]


Marriage Damaged by Porn: A Pastor’s Reflections

The author describes the damage one man’s porn has done and is doing to his marriage. He underscores that porn damages genuine intimacy, it is not healthy and is an affair. He stresses that the wife is not the one to help her husband. She needs to focus on her own health. He encourages the […]


Porn Free

While always good intentioned, many ministries, books, and articles designed to help Christians escape the trap of pornography are simply spiritually-packaged self-help sermons. “Porn is bad,” they say, “so stop looking at it!”
This is not one of those books.